College Departments

Anatomy Department is dedicated to the teaching and learning of Macro and Microscopic Human Anatomy. The Department boasts of spacious and well equipped dissection hall, demonstration rooms and practical laboratories. Students have access to hands on Anatomy learning through faculty guided dissection sessions, live video demonstrations, wide collection of specimens, models, charts and radiographs to aid in visual memory and understanding. The Anatomy museum is a feast to learners and laymen alike with an exhaustive collection of dry & wet specimens, fetal bones and cross sections.


  • Histology
  • Museum
  • Embalming
  • Dissection Hall


  • To prepare a common module for lectures in this academic year
  • To prepare the students to secure university rank in this academic year
  • To motivate the students to attend the practical and lectures
  • To guide all the students to secure pass in the university exams.
  • To improve their Knowledge, Skills&Integration:

The department of Biochemistry has been imparting quality education of 150 first year M.B.B.S students. The department offers a 24 hrs. Quality clinical Biochemistry laboratory services catering the needs of patients admitted in the hospital.


  • Emergency investigations are performed round the clock and results are reported immediately.
  • The laboratory tests are carried out by dedicated qualified technical staff and duly monitored by faculty member.

Objectives of the Department

  • Innovative teaching and learning programmes initiated and implemented by the department.

This department has full-fledged facilities including a separate wing to support diagnostic services. It caters to the needs of students, patients and research scholars. The thrust area of research of this department is “Assessment and diagnostic studies on autonomic nervous system. This department teaches and trains students on applied physiology, and organizes vertical teaching program on applied physiology


  • Hematology lab
  • Clinical lab
  • Amphibian
  • Mammalian labs